Smith Corona Calypso Typewriter

We have run out of stock for this item.

Important: Price is a reflection of mis aligment in the letters. kindly check test page. Not avialable for sale outside the UK. Thank you

Why Buy this Typewriter? 

  • Light Weight
  • Very good PERFORMANCE 
  • Professionally Serviced
  • Deeply cleaned
  • Has too much life in it


Special Dark Blue that is Glow Navy  with light Blue Keys. 




Item is perfectly cleaned from the inside and professionally serviced.

Scratches will appear on sides and frame due to the lid used through out the Years. 

usage signs on the keys. 

 please check picture. 


  Working Order but there is a mis alignment in the letters. in other words, check test page and you will notice that letters are not on the same line. we avoided adjusting as some typists like this and would like the imperfection when typing on the paper. 


 Lid is in good condition

Minor Scratches and age signs on the outer side.


New purple Ribbon Fitted

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:

QWERTY Keyboard

Elite Typeface


Thank you