Collectable Typewriter Repair man tools/kit genuine Leather Bag or Carrying Case

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It is an honour to acquire this Leather Carrying case that belonged to a locally known Typewriter repair man in Coventry Area, in the town of Rugby, England. 

A Famous Typewriter repair man that operated in the Area since the late 1950's till the late 1970's. Repaired manual Typewriters from all makes that were an essential part of the operations of lots of businesses and government offices. 

As per a Family friend, who passed to us the Bag, he repaired hundreds of machines without owning a store as he visited houses, offices & stores to repair the typewriters on the spot. 

In other words, he was a local mobile repair man who travelled on foot and occasionally used public transport to travel to other neighbouring cities and towns. 

He was known to hold this Carrying case that was heavy and always full of tools, parts and special kits to repair Typewriters all over Warwickshire. 

Unfortunately, he Died more than twenty years ago and this Carrying case was passed to his Friend, then to us by his older son. 

Carrying Case is Sold without any of its Original Tools. 

It is Designed to be of two parts. Upper compartment (edges are torn ) and side compartment that fits two metal Drawers. Another back Pocket on the Back. 

This Carrying case shows age signs with some of the leather edges is worn. 


Definitely a collectable memorabilia that is rare to find in good condition. 

Size is around 38cm x 28cm x 18cm.

 Unfortunately, we have not been granted the permission to share his name. 

Thank you