Hermes Typewriter restoration and service

Hermes typewriter carriage removal

At Mr and Mrs Vintage Typewriters, we are proud to be able to deliver high quality restoration and service to all types of Hermes Typewriters. 

The Picture above of a Hermes 3000 typewriter shows an illustration of how we nearly fully dismantled the whole machine for a proper clean and adjusting for a perfectly smooth typing experience. 

We take out the Carriage and clean all the rails from all grease that accumulated throughout the years. On the one hand, the platen is taken out, treated, revived or replaced with a adding new rubber layer and then it will be put back again. 

Unfortunately the work done in the market is nearly a clean job and will never be as good as taking the carriage to flush all the dirt and grease for a smooth mechanical function. 

Hermes 3000 typewriter restoration

The Hermes typewriter Models that can be genuinely restored in our workshop are the following: 

  • Hermes 3000 (All types)
  • Hermes Media.
  • Hermes 2000 
  • Hermes Baby
  • Hermes Rocket

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

We will be happy to give you a rough quote for the professional restoration job that we can offer. 

Thank you 



Walid Saad

My Hermes needs a tune up. What does it run price wise and where are you located??

Walid Saad

i bought a hermes rocket 1962 and took a chance on it from eBay. im sure you saw the offering.

it is in fact in one piece but needs your help. what do i do to get in line for you folks to make it sing??

Walid Saad

I have a Hermes 3000 I bought in 1967 that could use an overhaul. I propose either a trade for a rebuilt one or what is the cost for an overhaul?


Jim Wray

Walid Saad

Hello. I have my dad’s Hermes Rocket that needs service. One key sticks, otherwise seems to work. Can you give me a rough estimate?
Thank you!!!

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