How & Where to buy a Working Typewriter?

Around four Years Ago, I was Asking the Same Question above, How and Where to buy a Working Typewriter? 

Now, and After Creating Mr & Mrs Vintage Typewriters with my Beloved Wife & Life Partner, we are proud to be in a position to efficiently help you get yourself what you Really want. 

If you do not Want to continue Reading the Whole Journal, The Answer is Easy, Just Click on our Website,  , Browse our large Collection of Typewriters and we are more than ready to assist in Selecting your new Typewriter while Happily answering all your potential Queries or Questions.  

Now, to Answer the Question in General, I will start with the part on how to buy a Working Typewriter, as this will lead me to answer the Second Question. 

Definition of a "Working Typewriter" is The Following: 

A Working Typewriter is a Typewriter that was professionally or Expertly checked, tuned, and Cleaned to type on your paper with clear prints and without any mechanical errors to distract the process of Typing. 

So Each Typewriter, to reach a level of Being "working", it should be handled by a Typewriter Expert (Experienced or Trained individial) who Can Check the Typewriter and Detect the problems, from Cleanliness, Mechanism and What is Stopping the Typewriter from perfectly performing. 

Then, Typewriter should be Fully or Semi Dismantled to be Tuned and Cleaned (Wiping Dust & Dirt of Main frame and corners is Not considered Cleaning) and re assembled to be checked using Ribbons. 

Hermes 3000 Mechanism, NO Frame. After Service and Clean

For any Typewriter to be properly typing, it should be deeply cleaned from any Grease, Oil Residue, Dust, Rubber or General Dirt. When I say Deeply, I mean reaching out to all its inner parts before wiping the Main Frame. All Key Slugs and their Heads should be Cleaned of the Ink Residue so they Clearly print on your paper. 

Moreover, the following must be checked: line Spacing, Paper Feeding, Carriage Return, Escapement spaces & advance, Draw band Tension, Margin release, Margin Set up, Balance of the Typewriter on a Straight surface ( Rubber Feet), capital and lower case letters Alignment, Clear & Clean Carriage Rials, Dinging Bell, and many other Points should be checked before classifying a Typewriter as Working and making sure it is fixed it times for a better performance. 

Anything less than that, The Typewriter you bought is not fully or efficiently working and will not perform as it should. Using it while in non-serviced condition will make things worse on the long run and after a short notice you will be bored of it and throwing it in your shed to collect more dirt and dust. 

Thus, buying a Genuinely Serviced Typewriter for a little bit of Extra Money is Giving you the Chance to properly Type what comes on your mind without any barriers and Saving you Time with Uninformed sellers who will send you dirty & Filthy Typewriters that in many cases could arrive damaged, Dent, or Broken. 

On the Other Hand, the Second Question was Where to buy your Typewriter from?

Again, The Best Answer is from Mr & Mrs Vintage Typewriters as we will do our best to Deliver the Typewriter that suits your needs and budget. 

As for the general answer, only buy from Authenticated & Secure Website like that will show a Green Lock and the Word "Secure" in Green on top left side of the Browser where you can Safely buy your Typewriter. 

Other Good places will be eBay & Etsy  where you will be Protected by the Website/platform if the the item arrived Damaged, Not as Described or non working Typewriter. These Platforms Generally protect you from Fraudulent and Non Authentic Typewriter Sellers who Claim that they know what they are doing. 

Before Committing to Any Typewriter, Always Read the Short and Detailed Description before buying so you are sure what you are buying and Always make sure to Look/Zoom pictures to see the Details of the Typewriter as a non clear picture can be Deceiving and a broken part or lever can never be a good sign. 

Make sure to see the Seller Reviews for websites and Feedback for eBay and Etsy. 

On we use a third party app that gives a chance for the verified buyers or users on our website to leave a Review and write what ever they wish to without our interference. 

Do not Trust Websites that copy and paste their Reviews and only Share the ones they wish to show to their potential buyers. if it is not controlled and managed by a third party, its surely fake or edited. 

Last but not least, Typewriter Sellers only Sell Typewriters and their Accessories and rarely sell other items, in Other Words, there is a big difference between a Typewriter Seller and a Vintage items Sellers. 

Finally, This is my First Blog post and i will be more than happy to get your comments, opinions & tips to adjust as life is a learning process and we believe that if we do not learn from our & others experiences, we will never get better in what we are doing. 

With Gratitude, 

Walid Saad

Mr & Mrs Vintage Typewriters. 

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