What is the Best Typewriter to take on Travel?

Two Years ago, A gentleman in France contacted me on eBay to ask for the best Typewriter he can use while Traveling. 

He is a retired Civil Engineer and decided  to spend one  year On the Road around European Villages and North America then Travelling around the World specially to the Far East to India, Nepal, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. On the one hand, he will be typing his daily Journals that will be tracking all details of his trip. 

Yes, Question was specific and detailed and he needed help before buying any Typewriter. 

 At this level, No need to ask further questions, This Adventurer will need a Reliable light weight  Typewriter with a Sturdy frame/lid to survive Being packed inside a bag or backpack, Ready to use Typewriter & equipped with basic features for Daily usage. 

Hermes Baby Feather-Weight Typewriter

“FeatherWeight” Design I replied. Hermes Have always Manufactured Excellent Typewriters and even years before Starting the Hermes Baby, 2000, Media 3 and 3000 Line. The Featherweight was a success in its class. 

Like the name Indicates, it’s Featherweight compared to other Typewriters, It’s With basic features and best of all is it’s hard Square Metal Lid that is tact and will secure the Typewriter Frame all the way. 

A Reliable Typewriter with a 2.5 mm Thick Platen, Round plastic keys, light Frame, Straight Base, Small Finger squeezing line spacer, and Large pica Typeface.

I Said, you have the whole world in your hand, Just write whatever you want wherever you are and this Typewriter will not let you down. 

The Featherweight By Hermes was also manufactured under the Baby Empire, the British version of the Hermes patent. 

On the other hand, There was many other good options that will be similar but not as perfect as the Featherweight by Hermes, if I can mention some, I will start with the famous Sea foam Green Baby Hermes, Hermes Rocket, and the Baby Empire. 

So, This good man Bought a “Featherweight”  Design By Hermes From our collection after giving it a Major Service before departure with him all around the world. 

Last Christmas, The Explorer shared with us some of Stories while being on the road when the accompanying Typewriter went around  37 International Borders, 25 American & Canadian States, Several Flights and Boats, and Hikes inside his backpack. 

The Same Typewriter will be Serviced by us before the end of the current year to be stored in his Holiday Home in the Swiss Alps To decorate his “Man Cave” Room surrounded by the pictures taken from wonderful spots around the word. 

Finally, we will always be happy to help anyone who contact us to know more about Typewriters and to get to buy/use the best typewriter that suits hus/her needs. 

With Gratitude,

Walid Saad


Important Note: We have in our un serviced Stock a lot of Baby Empire, Baby Hermes, and Empire Aristocrats that are Excellent for travel. Do not Hesitate to contact us if you wish us to perfectly prepare one for you. 

Thank you. 

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